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Digital Insights


Know your apps...

According to Barnardo’s many concerns on their present caseloads are from apps such as Fortnite, Roblox, Youtube, Facebook,   Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat in relation to grooming & child sexual and criminal exploitation, please be vigilant with your children when using these apps & ensure security settings are in place & chat boxes disabled so your children can continue to have fun without being worried who is trying to contact them online.


How much time does a child spend on thier device?

Overall, children spend about three hours and 20 minutes each day messaging, playing games and being online, the report by Childwise found, down slightly on last year. Mobiles are the device that youngsters are most likely to use to access the internet.


Digital Footprint

We need to teach children about their digital footprint and how we have a responsibility to ourselves and one another to act respectfully online.  They need to know that not everyone and every site can be trusted, that not all information is ‘fact’ and that there are risks online.

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